Already! Biden Shows True Colors as He Breaks Promise and Does the Unthinkable


Joe Biden was quick to hatefully enact executive orders to undo everything that President Trump had done while he was in office. Biden could not wait to get into the Oval Office and change things back to the way they were before 2016. The future that he speaks about has nothing to do with anything new. But it has everything to do with living in the past.

The past that he loves is one that is marked by a weak America. It is a period of time when illegals could overrun the border and murder and steal from the American people. That type of America is what the Democrats want to turn back to. A time when other nations dictated what happens within the borders of the United States.

No one other country in the world would ever let a foreign nation dictate their policies for them. But Biden wants to let them do it to the United States. He yields to the migrant seeking to cross illegally into the United States. And he certainly bows to the wishes of those that are already hiding in sanctuary cities.

Biden is proposing new immigration laws that basically cater to the illegals already in the country. The pandering that he gives to the enemy is unsurpassed by any other president. To try and make 11 million illegals citizens of the country goes against everything America stands for.

The new immigration laws he is trying to cram down America’s throat are in response to President Trump’s laws. The very notion of amnesty simply praises the illegal crowd for the crimes against the country and erases all of their debts.

Biden’s new plan does not support the Republicans that he needs to overcome any filibuster action. Conservatives do not want a reactionary plan to deal with what is happening now. They want something that is long term and will solve the problem of illegal immigration. There needs to be something in place to keep it from getting bad again in the future.

The family connection that the Democrats use to push their insane laws never works out in the end. Any person can say they are related to another person so that they can enter the country. Republicans have it right when they want to focus on skill. This allows for a steady and manageable stream of people that are allowed into America each year.

Biden’s plan does nothing to deal with either family connections or skill. It is simply an idea motivated by hatred for Donald Trump. Illegal immigration must be dealt with at the border. There should be no way anyone can cross without being caught. And that is why the wall needed to be built.

The next step of the plan is to control the flow. People coming to America need to be screened and not allowed into the country until their time in courts has come. That plan is precisely what Trump had put in place, and it was working great until the liberals stuck their big noses in the works and messed it all up.

Biden’s plan lacks any accountability for those that stay too long on their visas. There needs to be a plan in place to monitor these people and send them home when their time is up. But the Democrats hate law enforcement, so anything but open borders will never sit well with them.

Biden’s plan is dead on arrival because it lacks the guts to do what is needed to secure the border. This weak president does not have what it takes to stand up to the pressures that are lobbied his way by self-interest groups, big money, and big tech. He has already crumbled under pressure more than once.

His plan erases the problem and tries to restart the flawed system. History shows that his approach does not work. Any plan with holes will still leak unless the leaks are plugged. And the only way to fill the holes is to build the wall. But that would mean that he has to admit that Donald Trump’s wall is a perfect idea. And that is something no liberal could ever bring themselves to do.