Ted Cruz Boldly Says Everything the Biden Administration Has Touched “Has Gone to Garbage”


Ted Cruz (Republican from Texas) stated Friday that President Joe Biden’s entire agenda “has gone to trash.”

Cruz stated, “I would think Joe Biden gaslighting, but it’s not clear that anyone can afford gas anymore.”

He said, “If we look at the past two years. There is no period in American history when one administration has done more harm to the United States as Joe Biden’s in the past two years. All they touched has been thrown away. Look at the stagflation. Record inflation is now at an all-time high, the highest level in over 40 years. We are currently in recession. Reckoning means that there have been consecutive quarters of economic contraction. There are working people trying to provide food for their families, but they don’t have the money or means to pay rent or food. In just two years, mortgages have doubled under Joe Biden. Gas prices have more that doubled. It’s impossible to afford everything.

Cruz said, “Another aspect to this that isn’t nearly as often get near enough, which was the defend stating effect the Biden economy had on seniors. Tens of millions of seniors have worked hard for years, saved money and are responsible. They have 401ks and retirement savings. What has Joe Biden done to make this happen? Their 401ks have seen their value drop by 20-30 percent, and even as high as 40 percent due to his disastrous policies. You suddenly find seniors considering smaller nest eggs, and everything they buy has soared.”