Biden Praises Hero Coast Guard Who Will Be Fired Due To President’s Vaccine Policy


Biden personally felicitated a U.S. Coast Guard swimmer who saved lives during Hurricane Ian in southwest Florida. The Coast Guard hero claimed that he will soon be discharged due to the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination order by Biden for the U.S military.

There were some areas that Hurricane Ian had ravaged that could only be reached by planes on Thursday. Coast Guard personnel flew to the affected areas from Clearwater, Florida’s air station.

The teams travelled for more than eight hours to the areas of Naples and Fort Myers that were ravaged by Hurricane Irma. They rescued 15 people as well as several pets.

Second class Zach Loesch, a rescue swimmer and aviation survival tech second in command of Coast Guard, is one of the Coast Guard’s heroes. According to reports, he reportedly kicked through the wall to rescue a disabled couple trapped in their storm-damaged home.

Loesch stated that she was trying to be positive and happy, and to show love and support to the people in their lives. “Many of them are in desperate need of help and in despair. They may have lost everything they know and it could be their last chance to see their home.

President Biden personally felicitated Loesch on his courage in saving helpless people in southwest Florida.

Biden stated, “I told Biden how proud I was of him and thanked him all the work that he and his Coasties do to save lives.”

“The White House stated that the President thanked them for saving lives, and requested a report on the ongoing rescue efforts of Floridians. He asked them if they needed additional support to speed up rescues. They replied that they have all the necessary resources to accomplish their mission.

Loesch, however, is one of many federal employees being fired because of the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for the U.S military by the Biden administration.

Loesch will be removed from the Coast Guard in 30-60 days because he was not fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Loesch stated that he had submitted a request to have a religious exemption granted, but it was rejected. He also lost his appeal.

Kristina Wong was allegedly told by Loesch that he said to Kristina: “If I had asked any people I saved yesterday whether they would like to come along with me, even though I am not vaccinated,” It’s so frustrating that he thanked him, but his vaccine mandate is what’s keeping me out.

Biden’s mandate shots were resisted by Republican legislators.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (Republican from Tenn.) stated, “Joe Biden said that himself — COVID has ended. He is still firing the brave men and women who serve this nation, such as Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Zach Loesch. Zach jumped through a wall in order to rescue an elderly couple who had been trapped by Hurricane Ian.

Biden declared last month that the COVID-19 “pandemic” is over.

Rep. Mike Waltz (R-Fla.), stated that “This will hamper our ability to respond effectively to the next natural catastrophe if the Biden Administration does not reverse course.” We need more servicemen like Zach Loesch, who risk their lives to save others. Not less. These skills will be very difficult to replace given the current military recruiting crisis.

There are currently 2,632 Coast Guard members who have not been fully vaccinated as of September 2022.

A lawsuit was filed last month on behalf of around 1,200 Coast Guard personnel against the Biden administration, accusing them of denying religious exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

Below are some amazing rescue operations that the Coast Guard performed in the wake of Hurricane Ian.