Trump To The Rescue? Trump Offers Biden His Services to Help Stave Off World War III


As it should, Hurricane Ian is currently dominating the airwaves. However, a much more serious situation could quickly erupt, with global implications. It all hinges what in happened in the Nord Stream pipelines these days and why? Trump, the former President of the United States, is focused on the situation and has a solution worth contemplating.

In case it was not obvious, in the last 48 hours reports emerged that one of the controversial Nord Stream pipelines from Russia had sprung a “leak.” Officials in the region soon confirmed that the leaks were most likely the result of sabotage.

NPR reports that seismologists confirmed the existence of “underwater explosions” at the site where the leaks took place, indicating that foul play was evident.

Already the issue has become highly political with one side accusing Russia of attacking its pipelines and the other side pointing out that the United States could have been involved. A particularly bizarre video from February this year shows President Joe Biden promising to end the pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine.In a pair statements via his Truth Social platform Wednesday morning, former President Donald Trump addressed the seriousness and potential threat of the Nord Stream pipelines being sabotage. He warned that such an act could lead to a World War III scenario. This is particularly true given that it comes as Russia prepares to annexe several Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine.

Trump’s first statement was:

Everyone was talking about the hurricane that swept through Florida. But, perhaps a more significant event in the long-term was the announcement of the Nord Stream I & II Pipelines from Russia. This announcement was brought to my attention by President Obama when I described how it could cripple Germany and other parts Europe. Everyone laughed at the time but they don’t laugh anymore! SABOTAGED. This could result in major escalation or War!

The former president offered a possible solution that would at least prevent large-scale escalations as more evidence and data emerges about the people behind the pipeline sabotage.

The U.S. “Leadership” should be “cool, calm and dry” during the SABOTAGE of Nord Stream Pipelines. This is a major event and should not require a large solution. Russia/Ukraine’s catastrophe should never have occurred and I would not allow it to happen if I was President. The pipeline explosion should not be made worse. Be smart, strategic and brilliant! ), get a negotiated deal done NOW. Both sides want and need it. It is the entire World at risk. What group will I lead? ?

Trump pitched President Joe Biden, the U.S. leader, to allow him to use his proven negotiation skills and tactics to stop a significant escalation in tensions between Russia and Ukraine. You’ll remember that when Trump was president, the United States and the world didn’t have to worry as much about Russian aggression under Biden’s ineffective and weak leadership.

Trump also posted a photo of the leaking pipeline and captioned it with “Wow, What a statement.” Who is ready for World War III?

While Trump was criticized for his claim to be in good terms with Vladimir Putin during his time at the White House, it was necessary to avoid the current situation between the two countries. At this crucial moment, a line to Putin from someone he respects and fears could be useful.

Although I expect hogs will fly before Trump’s Biden administration allows them to intervene, the former president is at least willing to do something in order to stop a potentially disastrous chain of events between Russia-West.

Greg Byrnes best described the situation:

The war between Russia, Ukraine and other countries has spread far beyond their respective disputed borders, unless it was accidental. Without smart diplomats stopping the conflict from growing into a long-term conflict, this was almost inevitable. We should not be relying on the same intelligent diplomats who believed the war would never happen.