Biden Overturns Transgender Ban to Make Military “Safer” – Safer for Who?


The military has rules. You have to be able to adhere to those rules in order to get in. The military has never been about full equality because the best of the best is needed. People who are overweight or who don’t score high enough on their vocational aptitude batteries aren’t able to get in. It’s what allows our military to be one of the greatest in the world.

The military’s decision to allow or not allow certain individuals based on health and other things is what allows everyone to be safe. Otherwise, health concerns can stand in the way of the mission. People can die because standards were compromised.

Biden doesn’t care about that. He’s focused more on being liked. So, he overturned the transgender ban that was in place.

Trump’s ban wasn’t “discriminatory” against the transgender community. It was discriminatory in the same way that the military has restrictions on height, weight, and abdomen circumference. There are requirements that must be met to get into the military.

Trump allowed the transgender community to serve based on two requirements:

  • They served in their biological gender
  • They did not suffer from gender dysphoria

Anyone going through changes with hormones may not have access to hormone therapy if they’re deployed. Further, those who cannot serve in their biological gender may struggle with meeting certain physical requirements.

President Joe Biden is making decisions he has no right to make. He never served in the military – only his son did. According to a statement from the White House, he believes that “gender identity should not be a bar to military service.”

The executive order means that there will be no discussion. Biden took pen to paper without having to go through the argument in Congress.

Now, it will allow people to identify as whatever gender they want. If a man identifies as a woman, he can enter as a female. The problem with that is he is now upheld to the standards of a female in the military. He will be able to outrun other females. He will be able to outlift other females. Yet, females will have to be accepting of this.

Similarly, if a woman identifies as a man, she can enter as a male. The problem is that she’ll be upheld to male standards, which are designed to be slightly stricter based on natural body composition and muscle levels. She may struggle because of that.

Biden believes that this is the “right” and “smart” thing to do because it allows more people to serve in the military.

There had always been the “don’t ask, don’t tell” saying in the military having to deal with homosexuality. There comes a time when this is no longer going to work. The lifting of the ban means that they’re now requesting that people be tolerant regardless of their religious background. Men will have to share showers with transgender men and women will share showers with transgender women. Yet, they don’t expect there to be any problems.

As for hormones and going through changes as people make the choice to become more physically like the gender of their choosing, it can lead to complications. It requires a higher commitment to health. It requires constant access to hormone medications. It can also mean that those individuals cannot be on the front line and they may be placed in a non-deployable status.

They’ll always be treated differently because of their health conditions and their choices.

Anyone else who wants to enter the military, be it they have asthma, bone spurs, or anything else, they would be told “no.”

Biden is turning the military into an equal opportunity employer – and that’s going to weaken the military. Soon, he’ll find that people of any IQ, weight, and height can serve, too. And if the mission is compromised? Well, at least he earned a few extra likes in the process.