Biden’s Plans to “Make America California Again”


I’m really beginning to think that newly-elected President Joe Biden can’t think of a single thing on his own. Ok, so I’m not just at the beginning of this realization. In reality, it’s something we likely noticed way back in the Democratic primaries when the only policies put forward were the same ones installed by Biden’s former boss President Barack Obama.

But Obama’s not the only one Biden seems to be stealing ideas from.

Take his latest verbalized wish for America, for example.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, Biden’s next four years will be done in the service to “Make America California Again.”

Firstly, I must point out that this phrasing is pretty much a slap in the face to President Donald Trump, as he campaigned both times using the similar motto ‘Make America Great Again.’

Trump’s idea was to restore the former glory, respect, and honor of our nation, to bring it back to a time when we were proud to be called Americans when we stood for something beyond politics and money.

And for a vast majority of Americans, the idea was an admirable one and one that led to his election.

In taking this as his own and reworking it for his own agenda, Biden is proving just how far he’s willing to go to wipe out every memory or legacy of Trump.

But in doing so, he’s also dragging America through the mud.

And that brings me to another problem with the phrase and Biden’s inability to be original.

Biden is setting his goals for America in the state of California. Now, in days past, that might not have been such a bad idea. As LA Times writer Evan Halper notes, the Golden State used to be an “incubator of innovation, premier laboratory of democracy, land of big ideas.”

And indeed, it was. It was in California that millions of Americans put their hope for the future in as they traveled west and settled the Western Coast. And as a result, cities, and towns popped up all over, filled with people who were the epitome of what an American was: tough, full of determination, and free.

But that’s not exactly what California is anymore, is it?

In fact, I would bet just about anything that when the name California is mentioned, you don’t just think of architectural wonders like the Golden Gate Bridge or the endless beaches marking its western edge.

Instead, what likely comes to mind is the extremely high taxes, the outrageous cost of living, the homelessness that fills its cities, the high crime rates, not to mention the liberal leaders that make it all possible.

Leaders like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, now-Vice President Kamala Harris, Representative Maxine Waters, and the abysmal Gavin Newsom. By far, they are some of the most left-leaning and radical ones in leadership today.

And the state of their state is all the proof we need that their policies don’t work for Americans’ betterment.

Take their wealth gap, for example.

Thanks to ever-increasing taxes and the push for things like a $15 an hour minimum wage, California was rated with the fourth most extreme wealth gap in the nation, according to World Population Review report for 2020. Suffice it to say that you are either extravagantly rich in California, like Nancy Pelosi, who has an entire commercial-sized freezer in her home of gourmet ice cream, or you are slumming it in the streets.

There isn’t much in between. And the few blue-collar and everyday Americans that have survived in the state thus far are looking for greener pastures in Republican-led states like Texas and even Florida, as are companies left and right.

But if Biden starts making policies that turn the whole of America into something even slightly reminiscent of California, we will have nowhere else to go.

And just taking a glance at who Biden is bringing with him to the White House says that’s precisely what he’s going to do.

Obviously, there is liberal Kamala Harris, who hails from the not-so Golden State. Biden’s nominee for head of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, has most recently been California’s attorney general. And Biden’s choice for leader of the Treasury is California-born Janet Yellen, who is a professor at one of the most liberally leaning schools in the nation, the University of California at Berkeley.

And that’s just a few.

As former Ventura, California, Mayor William Fulton recently wrote, illegals overrun California, has a massive gap between rich and poor, is taxed ever higher by its liberal leader, and that’s precisely why the population is now decreasing for the first time in over 170 years.

Let’s just say Biden could have picked just about any other state in the nation to model his government after, and it would have been a vastly better choice.