Censorship Costs Teacher His Job After Speaking Out Against It


The liberal left continues their attack on the freedom of speech with their unrestricted censoring of the way people talk around the country. And now that the issue has hit a national level, more people are paying attention to what people say. Liberals at all levels are watching and taking action against any conservative that would dare speak out against the horrors being portrayed by big tech and powerless presidents.

Those who dare speak out are finding themselves viciously attacked by the power-hungry liberals who desperately desire to silence freedom-loving conservatives permanently. The liberal left cannot do whatever they want, while their opposition still has the ability to speak.

One such principal in a high school in Tennessee found out the hard way that he cannot speak the truth about censorship and the harm that the liberals are doing to America by keeping people from speaking out. The liberals that forced the principal onto paid administrative leave proved his point.

Barton Thorne is the principal that was viciously attacked after he gave a long morning announcement over the truth that free speech was becoming a thing of the past because big tech and big money were taking over the airways and punishing people that dared speak out in defense of freedom.

The left and the owners are slowly turning America into a nation that mirrors China. The very thought of a democratic socialist state is a contradiction in terms. There is no freedom in socialism. There is only pain and suffering.

The four-year principal spoke out regarding the injustice done towards President Trump once big tech shut down his accounts to keep him from telling the truth as well. The mainstream media and lying liberals want everyone to believe that President Trump is the reason for all the country’s violence. And yet, nothing was ever condemned when the liberals stoked up their riots across the country for most of 2020.

The way to reach millions of people is through social media. And Facebook, Twitter, and many other so-called platforms of expression are nothing more than a liberal club designed to censor freedom of speech. The media refuses to investigate the matter without bias because they are a significant part of the issue that is plaguing America.

All Barton Thorne did was question the actions of big tech and “their decision as private companies to filter and to decide what you hear and know about. Because there have been times even in American history where a small group of people decided what you could hear. You think about McCarthyism. If you don’t know about that, you can Google that or talk to your social studies teacher.”

All Thorne addressed an issue and encouraged the students to research and think for themselves about what the media was doing to freedom of speech in America. He was being an educator and got busted for doing the right thing.

He also stated that the riots were not right and said that the act of violence was “ignorance at the highest level. I don’t know of too many people that are going to be OK with what happened. I don’t care what side you agree with, we don’t practice sedition, we don’t attack our legislature.”

Board member Sheleah Harris was the Nazi infiltrator that would try and justify the board’s actions by saying, “With the horrific events from last week at our U.S. Capitol, we have to ensure our children, teachers, and school staff remain in a consistent environment that promotes safety, cultural sensitivity, and represents the highest level of excellence. As leaders, we must be intentional about creating spaces for our students to discuss and process events that take place in our country and community.”

Thorne tried to get the students to do just what she stated but was punished for doing the dedicated administrator’s job. President Trump never caused or encouraged violence with his speech. He did condemn the actions of the people. But since the media and liberals hate the president so much, they are willing to lose everything to blame a man who was doing his job, just like Thorne did.