Cuomo’s New Bill is Literally the Stuff of Nightmares–Is This Even Legal?


How is it that Andrew Cuomo is still the governor of New York? He continues to prove that he values his fame and his ego more than anything else. Now, a bill is being introduced by New York that would allow the governor to order the “removal” of anyone with a contagious disease.

Whatever happened to valuing life? Whatever happened to allowing people to self-quarantine until they were able to join society once again?

Governor Cuomo wants to hold all of the power – and by amending the public health law of the state, he would be able to remove or detain anyone that was even suspected of being in contact with someone with a contagious disease.

How is this even legal? This is literally the stuff of nightmares.

Anyone who poses “an imminent and significant threat to the public health” could be detained in a medical facility – or any other “appropriate” facility.

Okay, how about Cuomo be detained? He’s likely the one who is posing the most significant threat to public health. After all, are we supposed to forget that he’s the one that caused the deaths of thousands of senior citizens less than a year ago because of his insensible orders?

Ben Shapiro calls this a “cultural tsunami.” It appears that Democrats want everyone to bow down and do exactly what they say. If you do not comply, they are going to place you into a facility – whether you like it or not. And, because of New York State Assembly Bill A416, New Yorkers won’t have a choice.

They’ll identify that you have a contagious disease or that you’re suspected of having it or even suspected that you’ve come into contact with someone who is suspected of having it. With the words “Suspected” and “contact” in the bill, it allows them the freedom to put anyone in any facility.

Sure, they’ll start out as medical facilities. What happens when they’re all full? There will literally be quarantine camps set up across the state of New York to ensure that there’s an “appropriate” facility for you to go to. This is their plan – and Cuomo is behind this 100 percent.

Let’s take a good look at what’s happening in New York because it’s very possible that this could happen elsewhere, too. It’s what the far left’s agenda has been all along. They want people to be complicit. They want people to listen.

If you speak up against them, they’ll find a way to detain you by saying that you have a contagious disease. Or that you’ve come into contact.

The left has been at this for a while – they want to renormalize what America is and what the values are behind the country.

Oh, but there’s good news – the bill does say that no person shall be detained for more than 60 days. Should we be grateful for this? Are we supposed to find that this is acceptable?

What happens during those 60 days could be enough to break Americans. It allows for brainwashing so that we believe that the left is right. Of course, with a court order, they can also determine that it’s okay to detain for longer than 60 days.

Governor Cuomo is the one that is in full support of such an order. Not only does he want power over the state, but he also wants power over every individuals’ health.

Forget about what’s best for mankind. Cuomo has proven that he’s power-hungry – and he’ll do whatever it takes to command Americans to do what he wants them to do.

It’s not just Republicans who are denouncing the bill, though. Literally, anyone not a part of the far left can see this bill as being dangerous. Cody Anderson, the chair of the Libertarian Party of New York has denounced the bill by calling it a violation of privacy but also a “clear and direct path to unconstitutional and indefinite detainment.”

Anyone who supports such a bill should be reminded of what happened in Nazi Germany.