Liars! Democrats Fail to Distribute Vaccine


The nasty Democrats have laughed at the idea that a vaccine could be developed and distributed in less than a year. The wisdom of President Trump paved the way for the dream to become a reality.

And now that the vaccine is being sent around the country, the Democrats have to swallow their arrogant pride and admit that he did the impossible. But that still has not stopped some liberal leaders from dragging their feet with the drug’s distribution.

The notion that the president cared for the people was foreign to the liberals. They have believed their propaganda so long that the hatred they have for him has boiled over. When Operation Warp Speed became a success, the liberals were stunned and could not believe what they were hearing.

The people that had elected them to office were cheering in the streets, but the leaders were left wondering what they needed to do about the vaccine. The direction was slow coming from the top of the Democratic Party. There was not a single liberal that could bring themselves to give the president credit or congratulate the successful effort.

In Republican states, the vaccine is being distributed without much trouble. But across state lines, the vaccine is being held up by the unfaithful left because they want to stop President Trump’s triumphant reign.

The mass media loved the idea of withholding vaccine distribution, so they started publishing fake stories about how slow the distribution process was taking. The New York Times would lie that “As the Virus Spikes, Vaccine Distribution Is One More Hurdle for States.” And another headline would read, “COVID vaccinations taking longer than expected, doctors call for more national oversight.”

No doctors are calling for national oversight. The only thing doctors want to do is give people their shots. The Democratic Party sought to politicize the vaccine’s triumphant success so they could tear down President Trump again. Had one of the slimy thugs developed the vaccine, they would be in full support and promoting quick distribution.

Andrew Cuomo had once threatened to block the vaccine from coming to New York. He received intense backlash over the idea, so he resorted to slowing down its distribution and telling people that there would be dastardly punishments for anyone who tried to change how he said it could be handed out.

The liberal states hate President Trump so much that they are willing to sacrifice sick people’s lives just to make the man look bad. Their hatred dictates their moral response to a pandemic that has wreaked havoc on people for a year. And yet their voting base is so blind and in love with the name Democrat that they cannot see just how crooked and manipulative the demonic leaders really are.

The liberals have dragged their feet so long that they were caught unprepared for the rollout of the vaccine. All they had to do was implement plans for 24-hour clinics to be opened for the sole purpose of giving people the shots that wanted them. But they could not bring themselves to act responsibly, so now more people will die at their blood-stained hands.

Cuomo has stated that people giving out the vaccine to people that are not worthy by liberal standards will face fines of $1 million. This man killed elderly people on purpose and stated that he would not support the vaccine when it was ready. So now the racist thug wants to give it out to drug addicts before the vulnerable even have a chance to get theirs.

Democrats pick their favorite people and give them the best of everything. Those people are the ones that have committed felonies or murdered someone. Instead of working for the people, Democrats work against them.

President Trump was made the president in 2016 because people wanted someone who would work for them. The Democrats knew that they would never win another election unless they cheated on a massive scale.

President Trump received millions of more votes the second time around. Still, the Democrats had their demonic bosses in the shadows figuring out just how many ballots would be needed to unseat the greatest president the country has ever seen.