Liberals Say the Darndest Things: Ridiculous New Concept Invented to Explain ‘Racist’ Black People Who Vote Republican


You might remember the old Bill Cosby show “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” It was a heartwarming show during which Cosby would pose big life questions to children, who would then usually respond with innocent, often funny perspectives on the various topics.

Exchanges would go something like this:

“What’s the meaning of life, Charlie?”


“Thanks, Charlie. Is that it? What about family, love, understanding, God? Are Oreos what brings you the most happiness?”

“Only when I have milk.”

After which Bill Cosby would guffaw and move on to the next kid.

Welp, Bill Cosby is in jail now. Turns out he was moonlighting as a sexual predator. And the show is no longer on air.

But there remains an apparent innate need for humans to hear childish answers to life’s questions: exhibit number one, the Radical Left.

The Radical Left has taken up the mantle of saying ridiculous, nonsensical things. The type of stuff that only a child with little understanding of the world or a warped mind could come up with. At least children understand basic morality.

First Thomas Jefferson was racist. Then gravity was racist. Now black people who vote Republican are racist.

Leftists do not have many tricks in their debating kit. Their demented ideology is hollow and corrupt, which makes them self-loathing and violent as a result. They have to keep coming up with increasingly contorted rationalizations, concepts, and proclamations to keep their rickety gulag of the mind together.

The entire Radical Left project is a giant kludge scaffolded by hate speech, violence, propaganda and discrimination.

“You’re racist,” says the leftist. Anytime you disagree with a leftist you’re guaranteed to hear the phrase. You could be 100% right, factually and on principle, but a cornered leftist will always throw a “you’re racist” grenade at you.

You then think to yourself, “I’m not racist. I don’t have a racist bone in my body.” But this is a trap. If you protest the leftist by responding with righteous indignation that you’re “not racist” the leftist will then respond, like a child, “yes, you are!” You commence a losing battle.

What if you fight back? You vehemently declare you’re “not a racist,” and you even list multiple times you worked in an inner-city soup kitchen or helped an old black lady cross the street. Now you’re starting to make yourself ridiculous. You’re in the “you’re racist” bear trap and each wiggle will only sink the teeth farther into you.

The next step of the leftist is one of two things: they will either say “you’re racist” for helping in an inner-city soup kitchen because it “perpetuates white supremacy” (or some other hot garbage) or they will claim that you are racist – but you just don’t know it.

At this stage of childish nonsense, we are at what is called an “infallible argument.” It cannot be proved wrong. Because if you are actually racist but just don’t know it, there’s no way to prove you’re not racist. You’re automatically racist. No matter what.

You’re secretly racist! Even if you don’t want to be! You just don’t know it!

It’s pure sophistry. The left doesn’t care about the truth. Only power.

And who made the pimple-faced lefty terrorist with a cockamamie Gender Studies degree from Wesleyan University the arbiter of justice and the unimpeachable judge of your character anyway?

The only appropriate response to a leftist, who when corned by the facts and logic hurls a “you’re racist grenade,” is to tell them to “stop being a child.” After which they’ll probably try to call you a racist a few more times.

If they want to have an adult conversation that is one thing, but many on the Radical Left will never debate honestly and when asked to reason will collapse into temper tantrums. You know, like a child.

Reality must be weighing on the Radical Left because they’ve just issued a new temper tantrum crying racist.

The Radical Left’s narrative that Republicans (the right, broadly) are racist is cracking under the strain of reality. According to 2020 exit polls for the U.S. presidential contest, President Donald Trump gained among every demographic EXCEPT white men in 2020 when compared to 2016 exit polls.

Put another way, black men and women, Latino men and women, Asian men and women, and white women all INCREASED their support for President Trump in 2020. Meanwhile, support from white men DECREASED for President Trump in 2020.

While it appears other demographics didn’t buy the “Republicans are racist” narrative, it appears white men were suckered and guilted by four years of “you’re racist” propaganda. And Donald Trump lost the presidency because of it.

The Radical Left is struggling ever harder to keep their grip on the “racist” narrative, especially with black voters flocking to the Republican Party in record numbers. Their latest solution is to now call black people and other minority voters “racist” for voting Republican.

Now, bear with me here because this one is a doozy: An New York University (NYU) professor writes in the Washington Post that “multiracial whiteness” is to blame.

But before we ask what is “multiracial whiteness,” what we should really ask is if we should even ask what “multiracial whiteness” is.

Every day the Left comes up with new nonsense “concepts” to feed their racial propaganda that only serves to turn neighbor against neighbor and divide Americans. If we stopped to weigh, analyze and consider every ludicrous claim generated by the Radical Left we’d have no time left to do anything else and the U.S. economy would shut down.

(Contrary to popular belief we can’t just print money and write think pieces claiming George Washington is racist; we, as a country, actually need to make things. The Radical Left tears down America and builds NOTHING in return.)

However, today at least, we will give our lefty friends a shot at explaining themselves and their shiny new “intellectual paradigm” of “multiracial whiteness.”

According to the hack social justice academic who writes in the Washington Post, “Multiracial whiteness reflects an understanding of whiteness as a political color and not simply a racial identity…Multiracial whiteness promises black Trump supporters freedom from the politics of diversity and recognition. For voters who see the very act of acknowledging one’s racial identity as itself racist, the politics of multiracial whiteness reinforces their desired approach to colorblind individualism.”

Putting the verbal hogwash aside…In short, “whiteness” is no longer just a skin color, it’s a concept. In fact, it’s a racist concept. Yes, the Democrats really ARE the real racists. But what did you expect? It’s just the latest episode of Liberals Say the Darndest Things. Thanks for tuning in.