Mitt Romney is Toasted by Republicans on Flight for Having no Backbone


Mitt Romney is the one politician that everyone can agree on to hate. His support mirrors that of a Democrat looking for wealth and power. The vast majority of Republicans cannot stand the man because he votes on things that have no truth about them.

No one can stand the man because they just don’t know if he truly represents the people who have called on him to represent their state to the rest of the world.

Mitt Romney sided with the Democrats as they tried to accuse President Trump of criminally acting against Ukraine maliciously. An entire situation that was made up in the backrooms of Democratic houses. And yet he still tries to weasel his way into conservative venues as he acts like there is nothing wrong.

Romney represents a minority of old politicians that have no backbone to fight injustices in the country. He would rather side with liberals and watch America be torn to pieces than stand up like the Founding Fathers did and fight for freedoms that are rightfully given in blood.

Somehow Romney thinks that he can trust the lying lips of Democrats that look him in the face and boldly lie to him. He believed the lie about President Trump enough that he bought into the impeachment foolishness. And now he is buying into the lies regarding the election. Mitt Romney is a fence walker. He will support whatever power happens to rule the day.

Utah is a conservative state, which is the reason why the silly man is still coming to Washington. But when it comes to support, there is not one politician that can trust his backing. He continues to be a problem child for the Republican Party. A party looking to get rid of him and work with someone who is willing to build America up and not tear it down by buying into the liberal rhetoric spilling out into the streets.

Mitt Romney never did like the idea of looking into the voter fraud claims around the country. When he was questioned about the issue, his answers were well polished. Just enough to get a crowd of people off of his flip flop back.

In one case, a woman approached him at an airport and asked him why he did not support the president. She stated very clearly that “Why aren’t you supporting President Trump? You’re not supporting him.” Silence is not supported. It is just a safe way to hide until an issue resolves itself.

And in a typical political fashion, Romney would state, “I do support President Trump. I’m sorry, I do agree with many of the things he’s for and I support him.” If Romney truly supported the president, then he would have been calling on his neighboring states to prove that their election results were fair and legal. But when the time came, Romney was loudly silent.

Mitt Romney represents a part of the Republican Party that is not willing to fight for things that might cost them their popularity. Romney and others like him are willing to jump ship when the atmosphere of popularity changes.

The minute people start liking what the Democrats are doing; they are willing to denounce conservative values and embrace the socialist injustice that is sweeping over them.

But there is one thing that these kinds of politicians forget, and that is that the voter has the final say in things. People need not be afraid of their government. But instead, the Democrats and lukewarm Republicans like Romney should be afraid of the voter.

Every legal vote does count and to try and take that away is political suicide for any politician. The Republican Party took back a lot of House seats. It is only the beginning of a wave that is coming.

When the left takes what they want, the people will respond. They will not take to the streets in anger, but they will head to the ballot box to remove the liberals. They will vote for a man like Donald Trump, who is not afraid to put America back on track to greatness and stand against the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party.