Newsom Recall Has Democrats Running in Fear


Gavin Newsom is about to find out what pure justice feels like as the push to recall him hits another significant milestone. The Democrats think that they are immune to any accountability.

But the fact that a liberal state can rally enough support to remove a socialist governor has many of them running scared. They are running so scared that they are inventing fake accusations in an attempt to bring down the very organization leading the fight to hold Gavin Newsom accountable as governor.

The sick Democrats are blaming the Republicans and others for fueling the effort to recall the lord of the manner. They are logging complaints against the consulting firm Prov 3:9 LLC for illegally gaining the funding to acquire the needed signatures to recall Newsom.

Gavin Newsom was branded as the “John F. Kennedy of the Democratic Party.” Except Newsom does not know what it means to be an American. He does know what it means to be a sellout to socialism and communist beliefs.

There have been several attempts to recall Newsom in the past several years. None of them until now have ever been taken seriously. Newsom’s lust for power has awakened people’s minds because he is the reason California is suffering as bad as they are. They have become the worst state in the nation to live in.

The national pandemic was right in the way that it exposed Newsom as the fraud that he is. He has shown his true colors by not living up to the rules and laws that he pushes. His relentless lockdowns hurt people, and he does not seem to care. All he wants to do is keep the millions of people out of his way so he can get on with life.

He alone has led to an ever-growing homeless problem, a business environment that is hostile to companies looking to move to the region, and a way of living that is consistent with third-world conditions. This effort to remove the pandemic happy man is gaining steam as the effort has received massive amounts of funding to get the signatures to force a confidence vote.

California has recalled a governor before. In 2003, Darrell Issa donated $1.5 million to the effort, and Gray Davis was sent home with his tail between his legs. The price tag of a recall is set in the number of people willing to hit the roads to get the needed signatures. The more people they have walking the streets, the more successful they will obtain in obtaining the 1.5 million signatures.

Voters are enraged at Newsom and the way he is treating people. The selfish nature of the man benefits only the inner circle but harms the rest of the people. His own business adventures and connections are making gains at the expense of everyone else.

A state recall of the man would permanently destroy any hopes of a future in Washington. Newsom in the White House would be a total disaster for the country.

The other 49 states hope and pray that the other 500,000 people will show up and sign the recall form. They would all love to see the word “recall” printed next to Gavin Newsom’s name in the news.

Newsom’s philosophy of “rules for thee, not for me” will be the crowing definition of his tenure as the state’s worst governor. He will be remembered as the man that single-handedly brought a state to its knees.

It is thought that the rest of the signatures will come in quite quickly the more the nuisance continues to make ripples of hatred for people. The more the pest harms people and shut down businesses, the more they will desire to sign the recall form.

No one policy or course of action has solved any of the significant issues facing the state. Instead of solving the energy issues, he has only added to them.

And instead of solving the fire issues, he has only fueled them more by his refusal to maintain the land. Newsom is a dying name in the arena of public service.