Omar Shows Ignorance After She Calls for Trump’s Impeachment Again


Ilhan Omar is the nation’s favorite person to hate. Her reluctance to even support American ideology or support the country over all others defines her traitorous spirit. She is a selfish and greedy person. Her unfaithfulness to her husband and plan to split up another family just so she can marry the other man because he is a benefit to her campaign is beyond reason.

Her hatred for the president was well known. She was one of the first to voice her hatred and to treat the president with contempt. As her demonic party tried to impeach the president, she sat in her chair, hoping that the trial would be the means to get rid of him forever. But her deepest wish was never realized, which would come to fuel her statement near the end of his first term.

Omar looks at the phone call that was leaked out as another Ukrainian moment. She believes that President Trump was involved with the corrupt leaders. She is so hung up on trying to destroy the man that she cannot plan for the future and look to other things to accomplish for the territory that she is supposed to represent.

Omar believes that President Trump is trying to overthrow democracy. Her statement shows her ignorance as America is not a democracy but rather a Republic.

She went on to state that “The president’s effort to openly overturn our election results by putting pressure on the Republican Secretary of State of Georgia is a crime, plain and simple. The constitutional remedy for a high crime and misdemeanor committed by the president of the United States is clear: impeachment.”

She is calling for his impeachment again. The lazy liberals want to bring the man before Congress again to try and push him out of the office early. There is no doubt that her hatred for the man has only clouded her mind and has caused her to forget why she sits in a House chair.

Omar’s call was leaked out by another person who should have never had access to the material they released. President Trump was working to make sure the election in Georgia was safe and honest. He was not trying to get the leadership to overturn it for his favor. But the liberals only see what they want to see.

President Trump stated on the call that “I won this election by hundreds of thousands of votes. There’s no way I lost Georgia. There’s no way. So look. All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state.” And he is right. He was challenging the leadership to go back and look at the votes, and they would see that Biden inflated his numbers.

No one can believe what the Democrats had pulled on the night of the election. They rigged several states to end up having to delay their counts so Biden votes could be squeezed into the system without being caught.

The fraudulent votes were pressed into the system a number of different ways, and the president tried again to get the powers in Georgia to take another look. But the people involved in the crime are not going to want to look into the matter with open eyes because they do not want to incriminate themselves.

Ilhan Omar sees the phone call as proof that the president is crooked. She is seeing a situation in her own method of interpretation. She is trying to see corruption, where it does not exist. If anything, her own campaign needs to be investigated because it is suspicious that a poor refugee can go from rags to riches in just two years.

The Democrats hate the fact that the president exposed all of their crimes and greedy actions. The nation deserves better than what is the Democrats have to offer. Omar has no intention of serving the people that voted for her. Her last term has no significant deed done for their benefit. At some point, Omar is going to have to answer for her laziness.