State Governors Protect Their Troops: Bringing Them Home


As the Commander in Chief, Joe Biden is supposed to look out for the welfare and concerns of the men and women that serve in the armed forces. Before he even took office, Biden called on the Guard to come and protect his liberal bottom from people that he imagined in his crazy mind were coming to hurt him.

Now that everything has been finalized, the issue at hand is why he is keeping the National Guard around. It is possible that he just forgot because of his dementia that they were there. The better reason is that he just does not care about them. He used them, and now he has cast them aside like trash.

The state governors sent their troops to the capital to protect the old man. But now that he has responded harshly towards the troops, more governors are disgusted with the president and are calling their troops home.

Over 25,000 troops were at the inauguration. Their mission was to keep the enemy from coming for Biden. But no one came. Their mission is done. But not one leader has said thank you to them or offered them anything but a cold shoulder.

If Biden and his liberal socialists do not care enough to treat them right, the governors of eight states will protect them. Governor Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis have led the way in recalling the troops home.

They have also gone after Nancy Pelosi for her ill-treatment of the men and women. DeSantis told Pelosi that they are not her servants and she had no right to treat them the way she was. The mission they were called on to handle was mismanaged and not thought through. It was bad enough that none of the governors were told any updates or alerted to the fact that the mission was over.

The sad part is that there are still 13,700 troops left there by liberal governors that want nothing to do with them. Reports that are coming out are still requiring at least 12,000 troops need to stick around.

John Whitley is the acting Army Secretary. He stated that “What I can tell you is in terms of what [the FBI is] briefing us is, there are several upcoming events, First Amendment-protected protests. We are posturing our forces to be able to respond to those threats if they emerge.”

His words are all speculation. Biden and the other liberals act out a story where they think their enemies will come and kill them. The only people committing acts of violence are liberals linked up with Antifa and other American haters.

Liberals continue to maintain that they believe that the violence may come because of the impeachment trial. And yet, with all of the fake reports coming from Biden and his people, the troops continue to be neglected.

One Guard person stated, “There is no defined situation or mission statement … This is very unusual for any military mission. We are usually given a situation, with defined mission perimeters, and at least a tentative plan on how to execute those objectives.”

Troops do not complain much about things. That is large in part because they have missions handed to them that have a purpose. But this time around, there is nothing being given as to their purpose or mission. They are being told to sit in the garages and do nothing.

The neglect of the troops has led to over 200 of them catching the coronavirus. The Democrats packed them into the garages like sardines, which certainly is not social distancing. Biden’s press people have been too vague with details about the entire situation. They act like they are hiding the truth that Biden does not know what to do with himself.

Pelosi and Biden just don’t care about Americans. They get to sit in the glass cages and act like bloated dictators examining their groaning kingdoms. Biden and Pelosi have made their intentions clear by how they have treated the men and women that have sworn to protect the United States of America. They just do not care about any of them.