Wow, Is Mainstream Media Waking up? Biden and His Team Have No Idea What His COVID Plan Is


Joe Biden revealed his plan for handling the COVID-19 pandemic last night, with a prime time address. While most would believe that Biden’s advisers were closely involved in the planning stages, this is the furthest thing from the truth. Biden claimed that only the best and the brightest would be working on the plan with him.

However, it seems like this was all just a lie. Politico claims that none of the members of his advisory board have any earthly idea of what the plan is going to be. When Biden went on last night, they were finding out in real-time with the rest of us. Just wait until you see what Politico had to say about what is taking place.

“When President-elect Joe Biden announced his Covid-19 advisory board in November, he promised its health care experts would play a critical role in shaping his pandemic response plan.

But, on the eve of Biden’s Thursday rollout, the board members are largely in the dark about the plan’s details, according to three people familiar.

Biden’s Covid-19 response — portions of which will be laid out by the president-elect in a prime-time speech here — is expected to serve as a blueprint for pandemic efforts across the government, including a range of initiatives designed to boost testing, speed the development of new coronavirus therapies and distribute vaccines to hundreds of millions of Americans.

But most of the Covid advisory board, which Biden formed within days of the election as part of an effort to demonstrate that ending the pandemic would be his top priority, will not be briefed on the plan until tomorrow afternoon,” reads their report.

In case you are curious about what the plan ended up being, it’s pretty easy to follow. Biden’s big plan is for us to keep doing what we are doing already. He’s going to make sure that lots of Americans receive vaccinations, we will need to keep wearing our masks and social distancing is still a must. In other words, it’s business as usual.

The left will say that the policies are sure to be adopted a bit more enthusiastically because the president is fully on board. That may be true but it does not change the fact that no major changes are being made. Now, it is time to talk about Biden’s other goals. Maintaining the status quo when it comes to fighting the virus is one thing.

Coming up with a plan for distributing vaccines is quite another. The CDC has already recommended a reduction in our reliance on roll out priorities. Can the social distancing protocols be expanded and supported, while still allowing small businesses to enjoy in-person transactions? This is another question that Biden is going to have to answer.

Americans cannot be asked to stay inside until the vaccines have had a chance to be distributed. This is all obvious stuff but Biden is going to need to work with his team of experts to make sure everything goes according to plan. At this point, we have yet to see any evidence of these scientific collaborations he’s been crowing about.

The Democrats are the party of science until it comes time to explain how the science will work. A presidential advisory board was not even briefed on what to expect and this is laughable. Is Biden prepared for the role that he is about to step into? He’s said all of the right things but that does not necessarily mean that he is going to be able to back it up when the time comes.

His whole elevator pitch to America was that he would be different from Trump. Biden’s campaign slogan may as well have been “vote for me because I’m not the orange guy” and he would have gotten the same amount of votes. It is now time for him to prove he has the chops to handle the problems he swore he would fix.