AOC Makes Demands That Will Bankrupt America


We’ve always known that the Democrats are the ones who are less fiscally responsible. They pull random numbers out of their heads when it comes to the plans they want to fund. Two trillion, three trillion – sure, why not?

Most of the Democratic politicians have no idea where the money will come from. It will just appear, right? If not, they’ll have no problem raising taxes. Americans will benefit, so why not just charge them more?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the fiscally irresponsible Democrats. She doesn’t care about balanced budgets or anything like that. If it were up to her, the taxes on all Americans would be raised. She’d dish out what she believes the government should supply. Though, she also wants the country to turn toward socialism, so she shouldn’t be making any decisions for the U.S.

She wants Americans to be given more stimulus money. Everyone. Whether they’ve been working through the pandemic or not, she wants people to get money so that they can survive.

As many Republicans and even moderate Democrats have been talking about changing the salary cap on those who should get the money, AOC wants to increase the relief given out.

According to her, the $1.9 trillion relief plan should be a “floor, not a ceiling.”

Whoa, let’s slow down here.

$1.9 trillion is a significant amount of money. It’s particularly a lot when you combine it with the other relief plans that have already been carried out since the start of the pandemic.

Yet, it’s never enough for AOC. She believes that $1.9 trillion should be the minimum that is spent. Of course, it’s not all going to the American people. Some will go to businesses, some will go to foreign nations, and some will be spent in other areas.

The word “relief” seems to be confusing to many Democrats. Any money that is in this package should be offering relief to Americans. However, more money gets added in as a way to keep everyone happy so that they’ll pass it. So, what’s a few million here and there to keep a few Democratic politicians happy?

AOC argues that there are too many policymakers in Washington DC that believe “too much” relief is being offered.

However, she really needs to listen to them. Too much relief is being provided, at least to some. Why does everyone need to be given relief when they have made just as much in 2020 as they did in 2019…or even more?

AOC doesn’t seem to understand that the money has to come from somewhere. $1.9 trillion passed just months after a $2.3 trillion relief package was signed by Donald Trump doesn’t make sense.

Meanwhile, Biden has already promised stimulus checks of $2,000. Fine, but that’s probably going to end up being $1400 since so many Americans already received $600 at the end of 2020.

Who gets them? If you listen to AOC, everyone should get them. After all, everyone is suffering in one way or another.

Manchin, a moderate Democratic Senator, believes that the phaseout of income should be at $50k per person and cut off at $75k. Meanwhile, there are others that want to keep it at $75k and $100k like it’s been throughout 2020.

What about all of the other programs, AOC? This is what she seems to forget. She can’t give money to everyone. There’s not enough money in the budget to handle such things. You can’t give to Americans who are on the brink of eviction and give to the landlords who are to provide rent relief. It’s double-dipping.

AOC claims that she wants to help as many Americans as possible. While it’s noble, her demands are attempting to bankrupt the very country that she claims she wants to help. The U.S. cannot afford to keep handing out stimulus checks and increasing relief packages by the trillions. She wants the country to grow so dependent on the country that socialism actually looks attractive.

We have to stop the spending or we’ll go bankrupt – all to appease the loudest liberal of them all.