Biden’s Just as Racist as You Think — and the West Wing Proves It


Joe Biden does a pretty good job of making people forget that he’s the oldest president that’s ever been inaugurated. He also helps people to forget that he’s the white man that so many Americans swore they wouldn’t vote for.

When you listen to Biden, he talks about diversity. He chose a black female vice president. He tries to talk some slang so that people think that he’s hip and cool.

However, Biden is just as white as most of America believes him to be. He’s white – and when he wants to talk about systemic racism, it’s just not believable.

The Democratic president wants to fight systemic racism by proving that everyone has equity. Everyone has equal rights.

When it comes to Biden’s cabinet, you can see diversity. Why? Because cabinet positions are high visibility areas. He has no choice but to fill the seats with Black and Hispanic individuals because that’s what Americans see. To fill them with anything else would mean that he’d be called a hypocrite.

However, it’s clear that it’s all smoke and mirrors. If Biden really cared about diversity and really believed that the country suffered from systemic racism, he’d have more diversity throughout the White House.

A quick peek into the offices of the West Wing shows that the innermost circle of senior advisers and aides are predominantly white.

The West Wing is arguably some of the best real estate in all of Capitol Hill. If Biden really wanted to be diverse, he’d have handed out positions a lot differently.

So, he has a choice. He can either start replacing people or he can come up with a story as to why businesses all over the country have to be more diverse when he does not need to follow the same advice.

It may very well be that the people he chose are the most qualified. After all, people should be handed positions based on their experience and education – their qualifications – not the color of their skin. If there’s a systemic racism problem in America, Biden is guilty of perpetuating it.

There’s also the possibility that racism doesn’t exist. The only reason that the positions are being held by white people is that they are more qualified. It is because there are minorities who don’t want to fight to get to higher positions. They want to hold out their hand to ask for more government handouts without having to work harder.

Biden better figure out how he wants to address the problem. Out of 22 offices, one of which is held by Kamala Harris, only three other offices across two floors are occupied by nonwhite individuals. That means that 18 are held by white people.

Biden may be guilty of the very issue that he’s saying that he’s fighting against – racism. Or, is it true that there’s no racism involved and those people earned those seats?

The president can write as many executive orders as he wants to deal with racial equity but the way in which he’s staffing his own offices doesn’t add up.

It’s all lip service. Biden doesn’t believe in systemic racism. He’s only talking about it because he knows it’s what some people want to hear. However, it’s not even the majority of Americans that want to hear about it. Most Americans are heavily offended about being called racist.

Friends lists on social media will show diversity significantly. The very term “systemic racism” is divisive. While some people may be guilty of being racist in today’s day and age, most people moved past the issue in the 1960s.

Work hard and you can be anyone, even the president of the U.S. Obama and so many other black people in high positions are proof that systemic racism doesn’t really exist.

If Biden wants people to really believe that systemic racism is an issue, he better closely examine the occupants of the West Wing, though.