Biden’s Purge Is Here! Biden’s Defense Secretary Fires Hundreds of Pentagon Employees for the Crime of Voting for Trump


Lloyd Austin is Joe Biden’s defense secretary and he made a decision that is going to send shock waves through the conservative community. The Pentagon advisory boards were purged. He relieved hundreds of members of their posts. So what was the reasoning for these very extreme actions? Their rationale was very simple, actually.

The Biden administration went through the department, in hopes of getting rid of all the Trump loyalists. Austin is also calling for a suspension of all the committee’s operations until all of the advisory committees can be reviewed. “Advisory committees have and will continue to provide an important role in shaping public policy within [the Department of Defense],” said Austin in a memo to the department.

“That said, our stewardship responsibilities require that we continually assess to ensure each advisory committee provides appropriate value today and in the future, as times and requirements change.” Reuters has more about these troublesome developments. We still can’t believe how petty this administration is willing to be, all in the name of Trump.

As if the deep cleaning of the entire White House and the relentless shade-throwing were not enough, they are taking these initiatives. Reuters reports:

“New Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has stripped several hundred appointees of their posts on Pentagon advisory boards, a number of whom took office at the end of President Donald Trump’s administration, two U.S. officials said on Tuesday.

The appointees include Anthony Tata, a former acting senior defense official who in 2018 called former President Barack Obama a “terrorist leader” and was placed on the Defense Policy Board on Jan. 19, the last full day of the Trump administration.

The two U.S. Defense Department officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Austin would be asking hundreds of members on the 42 different boards to leave by Feb. 16. The cost of running the boards could be in the millions of dollars, one of the officials said.”

What would have happened if Trump had decided to behave in this manner towards anyone who voted for Obama? The mainstream news media would have had an absolute field day. He had a real reason to believe that members of the former administration had tried to sabotage him. The last time we checked, he did not spend his first weeks in office seeking revenge.

Biden is not the same type of president. He is using his position to torment those who disagreed with him by revoking their ability to make a living. This is the dystopia that we are living in and anyone who thinks that this is normal is kidding themselves. The Democrats have taken on an “eye for an eye” mentality.

They clearly view the next four years as their big chance to stick it to any GOP member who did not do their bidding. There’s no good faith exchange to be had here. The Democrats want to force all of their plans through without a proper give and take. These are all issues that people were warned about already but no one wanted to listen.

Before long, anyone who voted for Trump is going to be under the microscope. It won’t matter if you work for the United States government or not. The Democrats have already made themselves very clear about this. If they have their way, they are going to put all of the Trump voters on a list. These are things that have already been discussed openly, so there’s no need to call that a conspiracy theory.

If the brave patriots who work in our government are not immune to being treated like common criminals for voting for Trump, what hope do the rest of us have? Biden is going to start rounding people up and bringing them in for questioning soon enough. Conservatives will also continue to take the fall for the Antifa fueled riot at the Capitol building as long as Biden has anything to say about it.