Finally Someone Speaks up! Florida’s Desantis Takes on Big Tech Monopolies


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced important legislation that is sure to upset the powers that be at Big Technology. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Apple would all have to think twice before proceeding. User data would not be able to be sold and content could not be censored on these platforms.

“What were once small, upstart companies now are controlling the flow of information across the world, the Republican governor said. “As these companies have grown and their influence expanded, Big Tech has come to look more like Big Brother with each passing day,” DeSantis said. A decisive shift within the technology giants occurred as they went from being neutral platforms that allowed the free flow of information and ideas to become “enforcers of preferred narratives,” DeSantis said,” according to Daily Signal reports.

DeSantis had a lot more to say about this topic, as he visited FOX and Friends over the weekend to have a sit down with Will Cain. “We want to make sure they are not interfering in our elections by de-platforming candidates and silencing people they disagree with. But then also the broader censorship of de-platforming of society. I mean they have the ability to wipe you off the map online. And it’s not just someone making comments. People’s businesses are linked to being able to reach people through these platforms.

They’ve wiped that out for people they haven’t liked. That’s very, very ominous. They’re acting as monopolies that are exerting more power than the monopolies at the turn of the 20th century like Standard Oil. SO, they should not have this much authority over American life. And I think our bill really empowers individuals.

If they’re targeting you because of your viewpoint then that’s effectively consumer fraud… What they do is they play games with these terms of service. They don’t implement it fairly. Just think about it, they will de-platform a conservative but then they will allow Ayatollah Khamenei to spout all this hate about Israel and Jews,” DeSantis says.

Twitter is definitely not letting up with their censorship. Our friends over at the Gateway Pundit have found themselves victimized once again. As soon as they promised to post further evidence of voter fraud on their account, it vanished. TCF Center in Detroit allowed widespread voting fraud to take place and now that people are willing to discuss it, it’s time to silence everyone.

The world of social media is controlled by bureaucrats who have a vested interest in allowing the far left to have their say. These are the people who staked their whole lives on the last election. If Trump had won, they wouldn’t have been able to handle it. That’s why they decided to interject themselves.

As for the rest of us, we simply have to hope that DeSantis and others are successful as they make their bid to reduce our reliance on social media overlords. People who think that the Donald Trumps of the world are the only ones who will suffer are missing the point. These sorts of regulations come for all of us eventually, regardless of our political points of view.

Even the far left could soon find themselves in the crosshairs. For starters, does anyone think that the Biden team is going to stand for any sort of dissent? Biden is not the most thick-skinned guy in the room, in most instances. He’s not the type of president who is going to let certain things roll off his back.

When the censorship committee comes for those who thought that they were exempt from it, that’s when you are going to see some serious changes being made. This type of censoring is a form of consumer fraud. Anyone who does not view it that way is sure to find out what happens when you assume that you are above what is going. These assumptions are not good for anyone.