Really? Segregation Again, But This Time, Black Students Are Demanding It


Didn’t we move past segregation? It ended in 1964 when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. It was designed to help bring the races together so that we wouldn’t have systemic racism in the country any longer.

Suddenly, white kids and black kids could go to the same school. Various races could comingle on buses. We were one big happy country.

Now, in an effort to somehow end systemic racism and offer “safe” spaces, there’s the desire to bring segregation back.

Students at DePaul University in Chicago are demanding that they want segregated safe spaces on and off the campus where black students can go.

Isn’t this taking a step backward? Isn’t the idea to come together as a country? There’s no way to end the idea of systemic racism if we’re going to start segregating once again.

According to the Black Student Union, many of the students are feeling as though they need safe spaces because of what happened at the Capitol Hill riot.

Exactly what happened that would lead students to not feel safe? A bunch of adults stormed the Capitol Building in an effort to stop Congress from meeting.

Well, that may have been what happened, but that’s not how the black students feel about the event. They believe that it was a “display of white power.” Even though it happened in DC, the students in Chicago are fearful that it could happen to them, too.

The Black Student Union has found a way to twist what happened in Washington DC as a way of painting a picture of “white power.” They don’t want this to be confused with white privilege, either.

They believe that “situations and tensions” in the country will always have a negative impact on black people “but not so much white people.” That’s what they said in their statement.

So, when Black Lives Matter decided to riot all across the country and randomly chose white people to target, that wasn’t supposed to have a negative impact? Many white people were fearful of what was going to happen next. They were fearful of leaving their homes.

White students didn’t suddenly ask to have segregated white spaces on campuses. To do so would have been the ultimate mark of racism.

However, it’s okay for Black students to ask for such a thing and not be accused of racism?

The Capitol Hill riots were not even targeting Black individuals. They were targeting Congressmen…and more specifically, Democratic Congressmen.

If the country is going to unite, every issue cannot become a racial one. There was nothing racial about the Capitol Hill riot except for the fact that the rioters were white in color. They did not target any single color when they stormed the building.

The entitled Black Student Union at DePaul University is trying to haul the country back 60 years with their demands for segregation. What next? The historically black colleges and universities are suddenly going to kick white students out. There will need to be two bus lines in every city – one for white people and one for people of color.

The situation could easily spin out of control if such demands are granted.

If President Biden really and truly hopes to unite the country, he needs to be paying close attention to what happens at DePaul. It could set a dangerous precedent where a university gives into the black population.

The student union feels as though if they don’t have their demands met to have segregated spaces, it will be “blatant” disrespect.

What is blatantly disrespectful is to assume that the Capitol Riots were only designed to hurt black people and that such behavior would even happen in Chicago. It was a limited event because it happened in DC where Congress convenes.

What is blatantly disrespectful is to turn an issue into one of race and demand that only Black people are impacted by tensions in the country. How quickly they forget the riots over the summer where it seemed like only white people were negatively impacted.