Tom Brady Won Yet Another Super Bowl and Dems Cry Foul Because – Wait for It – It’s All Racism of Course


Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few days, you are probably already well aware of the results of the Super Bowl. Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers easily dispatched Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs. This shouldn’t be a political discussion in most instances. So why are we discussing it now?

The answer is simple: the far left has decided to make this about their distaste for racism. What racism has to do with this football game is beyond us but this is what they had to say. Tom Brady cannot win a Super Bowl during Black History Month because the mere act of him doing so is a form of racism.

We cannot make this up and to be quite honest? We wish that we had. There’s something about this story that makes us wonder if we are losing our minds entirely. If you have spent any time on social media over the past few days, you have seen a lot of craziness. First, we are supposed to be feeling bad for a grown woman who put Gorilla Glue on her head, and now this.

It’s like people are only getting crazier and crazier as the months go on. The Democrats who are currently in control are only going to embolden them. To be fair, the narrative first started off as a joke. Social media has been known to make those! It used to be a very simple process. Jokes would be made, we would laugh, and then we would move on.

Nowadays, the process is all corrupted. Someone makes a joke on social media and instead of laughing, some silly liberal takes it too seriously. Luckily, there are still some sane people on social media who are willing to interject when these conversations start to get too crazy. PrisonPlanet is one of our favorite Twitter accounts for that reason.

“Tom Brady represents everything the system despises. He also serves as a mirror to Colin Kaepernick, a total failure propped up by millions in corporate Nike sponsorship money – a company that literally lobbies against legislation to ban slave labor,” he tweeted. This is pretty hard to dispute but it didn’t stop the liberals from trying to dunk on his tweet. That’s what they do when they are presented with information that does not compute with their chosen mindset.

You see, they have built themselves these little online cocoons where they are never questioned or called out for their lies. They sit there and spew whatever comes into their heads about everyone else but whenever they are on the hot seat? All of a sudden, they do not wish to argue and they are trying to come together with everyone.

It’s funny to witness sometimes but it can also be maddening when people are just trying to relax and enjoy life. After the year that everyone has endured, they just wanted to watch a football game without all of the extra theatrics that seems to come with these sorts of events these days. Apparently, this was too much to ask.

They need to admit to the real truth here: they are angry because Tom Brady is a friend of Donald Trump. If they had been willing to lead with this, we might have respected it a little more. Instead, they did what liberals always do: called something racist and then worked backward from there. It may have fooled a few idiots but we are not about to fall for it.

The continued denigration of anyone who ever supported Trump has gotten out of hand. Brady did not send him a special shout out or reveal himself to be a white supremacist. In fact, he celebrated the victory by playing one of his favorite 50 Cent songs. That does not sound like someone who is a racist but we are sure social media has already spun that one to mean something evil, too.