Wall Street is Funding Genocide in China


Capitalism made America – and it may just be America’s undoing if corporate greed on Wall Street cannot restrain itself.

This is something that both President Donald J. Trump and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) agree on: American corporations have sold out America to China over the past several decades.

Wall Street has developed a nasty addiction for quick profits and cheap labor. As a consequence, our Sino-dependent relationship has decimated American manufacturing and made the United States reliant on China to supply everything from cars to pharmaceuticals to computer parts to rare earth metals.

Wall Street’s corporate greed has been rationalized with euphemisms such as creating “efficiencies” or finding “synergies” while promoting a “globalized world” and “optimized” supply chains in order to “maximize shareholder value.”

What then is the euphemism for Wall Street’s participation in and funding of China’s ongoing genocide?

Wall Street and American corporations such as Nike, Apple, Google, and Ralph Lauren have a long track record of “utilizing” Chinese slave labor to build their products.

The Radical Left in America calls slavery the “original sin” of the United States (try the “original sin” of mankind; it’s only been around for millennia). Slavery was abolished in the U.S. in 1865, but it is still happening in China at the very moment that you are reading this sentence.

Where is the outrage for Chinese slave labor and the genocide of the Uyghurs?

The only answer is that the Radical Left is wholly disingenuous. They don’t really care about “injustice,” they only care about power. They will use whatever trump card that is expedient to beat their opponents and claw their way into power.

But we know that the Left is corrupt, so let’s put them aside for a moment. This is about unspeakable Wall Street greed and their participation in the mass killings, torture, and enslavement of millions of Uyghurs in China.

At this very moment, the same “woke” Silicon Valley companies that preach the gospel of social justice and sourcing Chromebooks from concentration camps in China. It is disgusting and wrong. The sheer level of hypocrisy here is so stunning it can induce vertigo.

In the past decade, the Chinese Communist Party has made a concerted effort to exterminate the minority Uyghur population in the northwestern Xinjiang province of China.

Using the excuse of suspected terrorism, China has set about rounding up the 13 million large Uyghur population and imprisoning them in concentration camps where they are “re-educated,” conscripted into slave labor, killed, or forcibly sterilized. This is mass genocide. Wall Street and American corporations are complicit. Silicon Valley has blood on its hands.

The barbaric Chinese communists are even documented raping Uyghur women in front of their entire communities to send a message. China may claim to have an ancient civilization, but that does not mean their civilization is civilized. They are barbarians.

Yet the world is silent. Wall Street is apparently too busy counting its blood money to put a stop to this despicable and utterly evil arrangement.

American corporations – such as the ultra-progressive Silicon Valley-based tech companies – have no legitimate claim to moral leadership. The fact that these very same companies are profiting from genocide and that they have such an outsized influence on American elections is chilling. If they are complicit in mass murder in one country, what makes you think they won’t do the same in the United States?

Wall Street and every American corporation that has been hijacked by social justice ideologies need to look in the mirror. What they will find is a guilty participant in this Chinese Holocaust.

What happened to “never again?” It’s happening right now in China.