WHO Tries to Act Like Reputable Organization but is Caught by Ted Cruz


The World Health Organization is back to acting like all is well within their little world. At one point, the corrupt organization joined forces with China to coverup the China virus. Money meant more to them than doing the right thing and alerting the world to the dangerous virus that was beginning to sweep across the planet. And now that things are a year down the road, the WHO wants to start making claims regarding the virus.

The Communist owned organization wants to reinsert itself as a world health leader. They want to appear trustworthy, but no one can trust anything that they claim after their coverup and lies. The WHO may act like nothing is wrong, but there is plenty that they are being called out on by Ted Cruz, who will not let them get away with lying and coverup the China virus.

Cruz took aim at the Communist WHO. Their biased investigation into the origin came back, reporting that China was not the virus’s source. Their investigation revealed that they are still partnering with China to tell a story that is nothing but fiction.

Their report was precisely what the Chinese Communist Party has been saying for over a year. They are a corrupt media outlet pouring communist propaganda. Ted Cruz comes out and says that the WHO is just the mouth of China.

He stated that “I think the report is shameful. During the past year, the WHO has come up under understandable and universal criticism because, as the coronavirus pandemic began in Wuhan, China, the WHO – instead of stepping in as medical professionals – instead of acting quickly to stop this pandemic, instead echoed the lies from the Chinese Communist government.”

The WHO had the perfect chance to redeem its image, and instead, they jumped back into bed with China. The China virus came from the Wuhan area of the Chinese mainland. And no amount of lies will change that fact.

China has employed the tactic of arresting people who speak up and tell the truth about what is happening inside China’s red walls. People are being tortured and beaten for speaking the truth about the virus. In some cases, some people have disappeared altogether.

Cruz pointed out that the communists did all they could do to hide the truth. They even got the WHO to help them do it. Their lies are precisely what got Donald Trump to remove funding the corrupt organization. But it was Joe Biden that started funding the Communist-backed health organization.

The one lie that speaks for itself comes on the WHO’s heels, claiming that the virus does not transmit from person to person. It was quickly discovered that their statement was a lie. The virus transmits very well from person to person.

Cruz noted that “The very first thing the WHO does is come out and say China is right. In particular, they say there is no chance the virus escaped from a lab. We need to understand: this outbreak began in Wuhan, China. There are two labs, one within literally 400 yards of where the outbreak occurred. Both of those labs were not only studying viruses, they were studying coronaviruses from bats.”

There was no doubt that the Chinese had terrible viral handling rules at the labs. The State Department had warned previously that a pandemic was likely to happen.

Cruz pointed out there never has been an impartial investigation into the matter. And the Chinese were not about to let anyone but the WHO inspect their labs. If there were nothing to hide, there would be no fear of letting the labs be inspected.

Cruz stated that “There’s never been a thorough, credible, impartial, third-party investigation into it. The Chinese government immediately went into panic mode to hide this and the WHO said, ‘Well, we know it didn’t escape from the government labs. Why? Because the Chinese Communist government told us [that].”

This is where the world rolls its proverbial eyes and comes to grips with the fact that China is a nation led by a bunch of cowardly liars. And now that Biden is sitting in his gated office, they can breathe easy knowing that the weak president will not pursue any course of retribution against them.