Major Hospital Sees the Truth Behind Vaccine Mandate and Stops Its Implementation


Governor Ron DeSantis has done what every Democrat fails to do, and that keeps his promises. The liberals are known to lie whenever it suits them. They make claims to people and promises to do certain things, but, in the end, they fail to deliver what they promised. But DeSantis told the people in Florida that he would fight to keep the federal government from burdening the state with illegal mandates. And he has done what he promised.

Some places of business were still trying to implement the mandate because there was a threat and that they did not want to be fined by Biden’s office. But when the rubber met the road, people found out that the mandate was illegal and could not be enforced.

AdventHealth is the central hospital in Florida that came out and told Biden he could keep his mandate. They have announced that based on the evidence of science that they do not see the necessity of forcing people to vaccinate. The medical giant also has a facility in several other states, and they are not going to enforce it on them either.

AdventHealth released a statement that informed the nation that As part of our commitment to protecting the health and well-being of our team members, patients, and communities, we strongly encourage all of our team members to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.” But they will not enforce it on people as Biden had hoped.

The motivator to change the policy was the courts that have shot down Biden’s illegal mandate. The injunctions levied on Biden should have been a wake-up call for the old man that he is doing is illegal. These companies do not want to face lawsuits when the courts deem the mandate illegal.

Ron DeSantis released a statement in response that praised AdventHealth for its decision. The legislation that DeSantis and the state legislature passed made it possible for the hospital to choose. DeSantis said that “We welcome AdventHealth’s decision to comply with state law to protect Floridians’ jobs and to ensure our state’s healthcare system can continue functioning smoothly.”

The legislation that the governor signed was done in Brandon, Florida. It was done there to tell Biden what the state thought of the old man and his social policies. The mandates are being kept out of Florida because of the terror it is causing people in liberal-run states. Many of them have lost their jobs and are now forced to decide to move or lose everything.

Florida has the strongest laws on record limiting what the president can do in the state. DeSantis promised to protect jobs and give companies the ability to let people keep their jobs and avoid the fines the federal government was looking to impose on them.

The Daily Wire is another entity that is fighting back. Jeremy Boreing is a co-founder of the news outlet. He stated that “The Daily Wire will not comply with President Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandate, and we are suing the Biden Administration to put a stop to their gross overreach.”

Every part of Biden’s liberal network is determined to promote and push the wishes of the self-made dictator. One business after another is suing the federal government for its gross overreach of power and illegal demands.

The United States Senate is full of liberals, but there are a few Democrats that see how illegal the president has become. Senator Joe Manchin is one of these liberals. He has already introduced legislation that will repeal the executive order issued by Biden.

The Democratic Party has found a way to perpetuate the pandemic in their favor. They will continue to track every variant of the common cold and claim it is a new virus that will kill the world to make claims and take choices away from the people. America is a nation where people have the right to choose what is best for their lives, and people like Joe Biden cannot take that right away no matter how hard he may try.