A Weak Biden Means Strong and Dangerous Enemies…And They Know It


Joe Biden is by far the weakest person in history to ever be considered as a president-elect person. There is speculation that sickly man will not even make it to the White House, let alone the entire span of his upcoming term.

The Democrats have made a mess of the country as they stole an election and put their best, yet weakest, candidate to the daunting task of leading a nation that he is not fit to serve.

As the weakest man on earth, Joe Biden has a larger problem that is going to keep him busy. President Trump’s enemies were able to put under the American boot slipped out and is taking advantage of the weakness of Biden’s health and reluctance to stand up to those that would seek to destroy American freedom.

Iran is the one country that has already told the world that they are enriching their uranium to 20 percent. They decided to make a move because Biden was going to be moving into the White House. Iranian leaders were fearful of President Trump. But they do not fear Biden because he is weak.

The United Nations nuclear team stated that they were informed by Iran that “it plans to enrich uranium up to 20% purity, the level it reached before the 2015 nuclear deal — and an amount that’s just a relatively short technical hop to weapons-grade fuel.”

The last time they tried this stunt was when Obama sat in the Oval Office. He sent a bunch of money to them, hoping that they would not enrich their nuclear material, but they did it after they received the money.

Joe Biden has also given North Korea the green light through his weakness to ramp up their nuclear weapons program. Kim Jong Un has been hoping to develop new technology so he can launch his weapons in America. Biden is not ready for the threat that awaits him once President Trump leaves for a short time.

Under President Trump, the nasty North Korean leader stopped all nuclear advancements. He just could not risk losing it all with a decisive American president watching his every move. But Joe Biden is weak and old and cannot possibly perform the way President Trump has done for his first term.

Even abusive China has sent a memo to the world that states, “When a citizen or other organisation (sic) ‘suffers significant losses’ from non-compliance with foreign legislation, ‘relevant government departments may provide necessary support.'” They have even threatened to take action if Biden persists in keeping strict measures in place.

They are threatening him that there will trouble if he does not bow at the throne of communism and remove the compelling measures of fairness. China hates the fact that President Trump was able to get them to play fair in trade.

The world’s bad boys came out of hiding the minute the Electoral College declared Biden, the winner. The terrorists of the world had a moment of relief as they started to plan their comeback strategy.

And big tech and rich liberals are to thank for the way they betrayed freedom and jumped into bed with the communists and socialists of the world. They took it upon themselves to limit free speech and any American’s right to voice their opinion about the way the liberals are acting.

President Trump is being painted as the enemy of the world. These are the lies of the media and liberals that want to destroy the man and ruin his reputation. They have even gotten many business sectors to drop the name Donald Trump from their stores.

The hateful left actions have led to the weakest president ever to be placed in the White House. The world of terror cheered when Biden was declared the winner. They knew that their time had come to retake the territory that they lost when a strong American stood in their way.

The Democratic Party and weak Biden are all responsible for the terror that is being unleashed on the world because they do not want to stand up for life and freedom. They are more interested in padding their own pockets with stolen money and making a name for themselves among the wealthy elite.