Crooked Newsom Lies About Californian Businesses Doing ‘Damn Well’


Gavin Newsom is going down in Californian history as the man who single-handedly destroyed a prosperous state and drove everyone out. The governor’s lockdowns and insanity-based policies are destroying the state from the bottom up. And yet, with all of his self-loved rules, the state has some of the highest COVID-19 numbers found anywhere in the country.

The state was once seen as a hub for young people to get their start in life, but now it is nothing more than a dying shadow of what greatness once looked like. San Francisco’s city reports that over 52 percent of their restaurants no longer are in business, and nearly 20 percent have closed their doors forever in the entire state.

The death of prosperity can be credited to one man, and that is Gavin Newsom. The number of people without work is astronomically high. As people applied for unemployment benefits, they were told that they would have to wait. And now that months have gone by, the Employment Development Department is going through an audit looking for fraudulent activity. Someone stole the $8 billion designated for unemployment help and benefits.

Newsom has even made it a law that schools remain closed. This has led to suicide rates to increase among high school students. These growing adults need human interaction to help balance out their changing hormones. Their cries to open the only fall on deaf ears of the schoolboards and insensitive governor.

Newsom refuses even to acknowledge that small businesses and people are leaving the state in record numbers. Even the rich are looking for areas of the country that are favorable to business growth. The mass exodus should have awakened Newsom, but it has not even phased him.

Elon Musk and Joe Rogan have looked to the east. And yet, the unpopular governor comes and goes like a lord ignoring his territory. His policies and pandemic fears are killing off the lower-income residents. Even with the truth staring him in the face, the lying liberal refuses to admit that there is a problem.

Newsom is also in the fight of his life as millions of people seek to recall him and remove him from office before it is too late. He is faced with the possibility of losing his position, and he continues to believe that the state is fine because the billionaires residing there still have their money.

The billionaires will never be affected quickly. They are so diversified that the entire nation would have to fall before their money would be affected.

Newsom tried to explain it all away by stating that “We’ve got a lot of work to do to help small, medium-sized businesses, but the folks at the top, doing pretty damn well. But I don’t begrudge that success. I admire and respect it. But at the same time, we have to be mindful of a competitive landscape. And I am acknowledging that, and I’m committed as governor to be more aggressive in the future to make a case anew for this great state.”

Newsom acts like he wants to send the state back to the old west days. A time when horses and shoot outs were the normal way of things. His multi-billion-dollar budget will falter the more he drives people out of the state. He will find that the taxes are not adding up, which will lead to him raising taxes on the rich. And it will be at that moment that the billionaires will start to suffer.

Newsom thinks that the wealthy elite is what makes up the bulk of American workers. But in reality, 99 percent of all employment is found within the small business sector. As Newsom hurts the small business owner, he will find that his self-made utopia is crashing down around him.

Newsom is destroying the state. His refusal to change things will be his undoing. And the rest of the country can look at his drive to restrict and control and see what it will be like everywhere else if the Democrats have their way with the country.