Trump’s Real Power Lies Within the Influence of the Republican Party


Donald Trump may be taking a term off from the White House, but his commanding presence is still widely felt by all liberals. His presence caused a stir in Washington that has not been felt for hundreds of years. The liberals had taken control of the political scene with their threats and bullying tactics. Only a few Republicans were willing to stand up to the nonsense coming from the left.

But when Donald Trump stepped into the ring, he started knocking out the ring leaders. And one by one, they took to their holes to hide until another day. Pelosi and the rest of the terrorists gave him the relentless attacks that were their only means of fighting back.

President Trump did not ask for the war that met him in the Oval Office. He came to work the first day, expecting everyone to work together. But the Democrats had no intentions of getting along. Their rage was so intense that they determined to oust him from office but failed miserably.

The only way the Democrats could beat Donald Trump was to cheat in the next election. The obvious miscount of the election night was evident that no one could actually believe it was happening. And when the media covered it all up, the deed was done.

There is not a person alive that believes Biden won in the election. The bitterness that exists within the liberal party is deep. Their relentless attacks on people and politicians have never been seen on the level to which they are attacking.

But Donald Trump learned real fast how to keep them off balance and distracted. For the entire first term, the Democrats did nothing and could do nothing right. The liberals needed Trump to disappear so they could catch their breath. But that was not going to happen as quickly as they thought.

Donald Trump has the backing of over 75 million voters and the majority of the Republican Party. The leverage that he has is amazingly strong. There is a lot of thought that if the Republican Party chooses to distance itself from Donald Trump, he could destroy them by forming a party. It would be a party that would immediately have 75 million or more voters following it.

When Donald Trump first came onto the scene, the conservative finest were standing with him. And one at a time, he beat them all in the primary. He would win the nomination and set politics on fire by doing the people’s will instead of his own agenda.

Hillary Clinton could not even stand up to the present that he commands. Every liberal thought she would win because she was a woman and a liberal. But the truth of the matter is that the people wanted someone that could save America.

The Republican Party has a choice to make. They can either stay with Trump or try and distance themselves from him. The fake impeachment trial will determine their fate. Donald Trump has already stated he is not going anywhere. So, the party embraces him and clears his name, or he comes back on his own.

Donald Trump is on the scene, and he is not going anywhere. The Republicans that stick with him are only going to make things better for themselves, or they are going to commit political suicide. Their voters are going to vote the way Trump tells them to. And if it forms a third party, it is over for the Republican influence.

There were five Republicans in all that voted with the liberals. They wanted to distance themselves from a man that they think started the riots. But this attack on Trump is only the final piece of the pie that the liberals need. To impeach the man is to keep him from running in 2024.

Only time will tell how Donald Trump will respond. The one sure thing is that he is not going to leave the liberals alone. He is going to keep fighting and putting them down in order to keep America safe.