This Is the Price Americans Are Paying! Kerry Tells Keystone XL Employees to Stop Whining and Start Making Solar Panels (Video)


John Kerry, the Biden Admin’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, is here with a very crucial message for those who work in oil and gas. He wants them all to start making solar panels. The energy business is now the enemy. Thousands of jobs have already been lost, as Keystone XL employees were told to head home.

Now, these folks are being told that millions of jobs are going to be placed at risk. New gas and oil leases on federal lands are no more. John Kerry does not see what the big deal is, though. He believes that he can save the day and he is more than happy to lie in everyone’s faces as he does it. He’s very used to telling the American people all sorts of fibs.

The same man who is reducing carbon emissions is also responsible for a sizable carbon footprint. He flies in private jets and wastes energy as much as possible. Kerry also owns a massive yacht and several mansions. How can anyone believe that he is going to have the best interests of the nation at heart going forward?

Biden is a fool for placing him at the head of this table but he’s too busy raking it undeserved credit for having such a diverse cabinet. They aren’t going to get a darn thing accomplished but they will lots of glowing write-ups from the mainstream media along the way. In case you think we are exaggerating about Kerry’s messaging, we have the full quote.

He was asked directly about the plan. “What President Biden wants to do is make sure that those folks have better choices… That they can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels.” Kerry replied. It’s pretty funny to watch these millionaires tell the working class what their better choices are, that is for sure.

Tom Cotton is taking direct aim at Kerry’s nonsense and we are glad someone is willing to say it. “John Kerry—who flies in private jets, owned a 76-foot yacht and several mansions—has the carbon footprint of a small nation. Yet he tells energy workers to “make solar panels” when the Biden administration kills their jobs,” Cotton pointed out on Twitter.

There is no rebuttal to be offered for what Cotton is saying because a good one doesn’t exist. Kerry and Biden seem to believe that they can tell people anything at this point. Once you have successfully stolen an election, you tend to become a bit more emboldened. It’s not like the mainstream media or the leftist voters who helped to put them together are ever going to be willing to hold them accountable.

What are these workers supposed to do now? The federal government does not seem to understand how life works for those who actually have to get up every day and earn a living. They cannot just drop their current job and pick up a new one on a whim. How are these people supposed to pivot to making solar panels without any advance warning? This is something that Kerry and Biden are not willing to consider.

It’s not their fault, exactly. It’s not like either of these two men know what it is like to truly work for what they earn. They are accustomed to a life of living lavishly on everyone else’s dollar. The mere concept of having to work hard is something that they cannot wrap their minds around.

After all, Joe Biden managed to swipe a presidency without really having to leave the basement. In a messed up way, we understand how he feels now. He thinks that he is going to run the country while putting in a minimal amount of effort because he won the election that way. This is very bad news for anyone who is looking for a president with a little bit of common sense.