AOC Actually Believes Ted Cruz Tried to Have Her Murdered


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not always the most rational thinker. In fact, she’s one of the least rational thinkers to occupy Congress.

During the Capitol Building riots, people rushed in while Congress was in session. Senators and Representatives were pulled to secure areas. Many had to hide under their desks. It was a terrifying situation for all.

Both AOC and Ted Cruz were present during the riots. Both were in equal amounts of danger because they were in the Capitol building.

However, AOC believes that Senator Ted Cruz was involved in inciting the insurrection. As such, she believed that he would have been left alone while they targeted liberals like herself.

Anyone who saw the photos of most of the men who stormed the building will know that they weren’t armed. They were waving Confederate flags. They were taking selfies in Pelosi’s office. They were having their own good time roaming the halls. They were not looking to kidnap or murder anyone.

Ted Cruz is extending an olive branch to show that there are no hard feelings between the two. However, AOC may well have lit that branch on fire.

She tweeted how it’s unacceptable that the Robinhood app blocked retail investors from purchasing stock. The move basically protected the hedge funds while telling retail investors that they were on their own.

What she said is a fully bipartisan feeling – and Ted Cruz tweeted a response with his full agreement.

Rather than the two of them being able to work together to help Americans be able to invest where and in what they want, AOC decided that she wanted to hold a grudge.

She doesn’t want to work with Ted Cruz on this because she thinks that he tried to have her murdered. She won’t change her mind on it, either.

Her exact comment in a tweet response to him is that “you almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago” and went on to tell him to “sit this one out.”

Talk about holding a grudge. Did she forget that he was in the same building? If there really were people out there to kidnap and murder Congressmen and women, they were storming with such force that anyone would have been fair game. They could have just as easily harmed Ted Cruz.

Not a single member of Congress was harmed.

As much as the liberal media wants to spin it that the rioters were Trump supporters, it was likely that they were a combination of both extreme right and left storming the building. No one was really safe.

AOC wants to throw a temper tantrum in order to get more attention. She wants to claim that a GOP Senator tried to have her murdered.

While the two may not seem eye to eye, claiming that Cruz set up a hit on the Representative is a bit extreme, even for AOC.

The liberal Rep from the Bronx said that if he really wanted to help, he could resign. Considering that the Senator from Texas did nothing wrong except to ask for a fair trial of the president, he’s not going anywhere.

The reality is that what big tech is doing right now with the way in which they’re allowing only some investors to partake on platforms is wrong. If AOC wants to do something about it, she needs all the help that she can get. Ted Cruz has a significant amount of experience – and Americans could benefit significantly if the two could work together.

Unfortunately, it seems as though AOC will always believe that he tried to have her killed. He’s also not going to resign. So, there’s a stalemate of epic proportions.

Since she doesn’t know how to let things go and accept help from the right members of the GOP, Americans will suffer.

AOC has proven that she’s petty in the past, but this takes the cake. Maybe Twitter should suspend her account since she’s clearly blasting fake news all over the place. Oh, wait, she’s a liberal – she gets a free pass on Twitter.