Extremism Has Consumed the GOP…Things Get Crazier by the Day


Raise your hand if you wake up bright and bushy-tailed each morning ready to roll out a fresh off the presses new conspiracy theory? It’s unlikely there are any hands in the air. But there are some people who do this every day like clockwork.

Democrats, Never-Trumper’s, the media, and virtually every liberal who has ever plucked a daisy, would have us believe that QAnon has crushed the soul of the GOP. They’re everywhere. Watching. Waiting.

The media is having a field day by saying there is a civil war within the Republican party and the Dems have all gathered ’round to witness the tumbling of the walls.

They’ve proposed that the GOP is full to the brim with right-wing conspiracy theorists and faithful followers of QAnon. They are Trumpers who have bought his lies and bogus election theories. They were in on the insurrection and they remain a danger to democracy.

They armed Capitol building invaders they directed to kidnap and hang Vice President Pence and gun down AOC failed in their attempts as the president watched their plan unfold from afar, assuring his safety so he could one day rule the world.

QAnon has gained widespread exposure thanks to the media building it into more than it is. Sure the group had developed a sizeable following, but the Star Trek fan club has more members than they do. It would be outlandish to think they’ve seized control of the GOP.

In fact, last Spring, prior to the media hype, 28% of Democrats had heard of QAnon as opposed to 18% of Republicans. But by the Fall, once the media made them famous, the numbers were 55% of Democrats to 40% of Republicans.

The differences in percentages are due to QAnon being presented and pushed by the liberal media that right-leaning folks pay little to no attention to. And by smoke-blowing Democrats who they gave up on a long time ago. Not surprisingly, a majority said they had first learned of the group from The New York Times, NPR, or MSNBC.

The liberal media is in a pact with Democrats to implant QAnon firmly in the minds of every American citizen. Their diabolical plan is to convince people of how every single Republican should be institutionalized for the insane things they believe. “Democrats are baby-eating pedophiles.”

Politico explained putting the spotlight on QAnon as such: things as such: “It is the first step in a larger plan, orchestrated by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s new chair, Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, to exploit the growing friction between Trump hard-liners and establishment Republicans in the GOP base, which Maloney sees as a major weak point for the party.”

To clear the air, Marjorie Taylor Greene is not a rising superstar within the Republican party. Her label is about to drop her. She has already been stripped of committee appointments which should be evidence enough. Shall we forge ahead?

There is also no raging civil war within the Republican party. They are sparring over some differences but that’s a daily occurrence. It’s what they are supposed to do to ascertain what is best for the people.

The real war is raging in the hearts and minds of America. It’s a political battle waged by those who wish the past four years could be stricken from history and the tens of millions of American citizens who voted to keep the Trump train rolling.

QAnon and Greene are mere bullets to fire from the liberal media’s arsenal of misinformation and propaganda. They’re attention diverters. Members of the GOP remain in control of their respective faculties and still represent the identical Republican values they have always maintained.

Since the media cannot find anything negative to say about what the GOP continues to represent, they’ve been forced into resorting to using the oldest trick in the newscaster’s book. They lie and divert…