Psaki Facing Turmoil as She Makes Fun of the Military Elite


The Democrats know just what to say when it comes to ridicule and insulting people. There seem to be no filters in place when each one of them opens their mouths to speak. Such is the case with Jen Psaki, who is the White House Press Secretary. Psaki sits in a position that demands that she not say things that would otherwise hurt the current administration. But her mouth continues to get her in trouble.

Psaki was asked a simple question about the sixth branch of the military named Space Force. It is an organization that was set up to protect American interests in space and beyond. The loudmouth speaker stated that “Wow, Space Force… the plane of today!” She acted like it was some imaginary branch of the military that was there to mess around and was not a real entity.

The press secretary is supposed to be able to answer questions. But Psaki is only able to claim that she has to get more information. It was a sad moment when she did not even know who to contact in order to speak with someone in that branch of the military.

Her sad treatment of the men and women that serve in that branch of the military is typical Democratic love. The liberals hate the military and do not consider it a necessary part of American life. Like Psaki, they are more prone to say nasty things about it and neglect the men and women that are giving their lives to keep America free.

The turmoil and backlash that took place after her stupid comment was more than any liberal could bear. She had to take to social media to defend herself and cry about the treatment of what she considered a joke. She will have to learn that she cannot just go around saying what is on her mind and not expect some kind of retaliation.

Her apologetic statement was, “We look forward to the continuing work of Space Force and invite the members of the team to come visit us in the briefing room anytime to share an update on their important work.” She does not even know what kind of work they do because it is not of interest to her.

His uncanny insult of the military hurt a lot of people. If she genuinely cared about her job and giving accurate and updated information, she would be in Biden’s office finding out the truth and reporting on what is happening.

Space Force is a fantastic part of the military. Psaki would know what they have done if she would get over her pride and look at what is going around her. Space Force took down an Iranian missile attack. And it is clear that she does not fully understand how important the space program is to the United States economy and how vital it is to protect that investment.

Psaki and Biden could not even tell anyone that Space Force was an essential part of the military until she came face to face with its existence. Her high-profile answer only proves her ignorance about her job and what is happening in America.

She could not even tell people who worked in Space Force or what they did. And it is clear that Biden has no clue because he would have tried to shut it down with a pen had he known that Donald Trump set it all up.

Crazy cat lady Psaki wants the Space Force person to come by the White House and update her. That kind of lazy attitude would have gotten her fired under Donald Trump. She should be the one digging around and finding out the facts because she needs to know in order to be able to give an accurate account of what is happening with the country.

Americans deserve far much more than they are getting with Biden. Paski is supposed to be one of those elite individuals that are able to provide answers and speak eloquently. But so far, she has proven that she is just another leftover within the Democratic Party.